Objects of the Mrs Jane Cart’s Trust

Mrs Jane Cart’s Trust main object is to provide support for Church of England clergy and their families.  In practice the trustees limit their support to clergy who work or have previously worked in the Diocese of St Albans.  The full objects are as follows:

  1. For the relief of poor clergy, their spouses, widows, widowers and dependants
  2. Upkeep of a monument and clock in Dunstable parish church
  3. A sermon to be preached in Dunstable parish church
  4. For the relief of poor members of the Church of England resident in Dunstable either in gifts in kind or grants of money

Mrs Jane Cart’s Almhouse Trust

The principal object of the charity is the provision of housing accommodation for poor single women and widows in Dunstable and certain surrounding parishes, or the making of grants or payments to such beneficiaries or other bodies who provide assistance to those in need.

These almshouses were situated in Dunstable but were sold over 25 years ago and the capital realised is preserved as a permanent endowment in support of the housing costs of poor single women.