Grants Criteria

The Trust now makes grants according to the following categories:

  • Standard grant – an annual means-tested grant to individuals for one-off purchases/repairs) or revenue payments for expenses with a maximum payment of £5,000. Higher sums can be considered in exceptional circumstances and only at the discretion of the Trustees according to the funds available at the time. Qualifying issues might include, for example, convalescent or recuperative care, medical equipment or treatment not available through the NHS, capital purchases to improve the home or other pressing needs.
  • Retiring clergy – a one off £750 payment to clergy from the Diocese of St Albans only, upon their retirement. In this instance, the grant should be made automatically, on receipt of a request from the Diocese.
  • Retreats for clergy – meeting the costs of a retreat at St Mary & Martha or a similar venue to any member of the clergy in the Diocese of St Albans after 20 years in ministry.
Grant-making Process

Trustees aim for the trust’s grant-making processes to be transparent and to address the needs of applicants. To this end, all eligible grant requests go through a three -stage process as follows:

  • Allocation to available funds according to their availability and criteria, i.e. retirement or other
  • Review of application by Committee
  • Ratification of the recommendation by the Trustees at next Board meeting

Applications for a grant are encouraged from the parishes or appropriate individuals

In addition to responding to external grant requests, the Trustees may at their discretion invite or commission proposal’s or provide funding for other activities thus meeting the instructions of Jane Cart’s bequests and will. Also meeting the Trust’s strategy and priorities for its funds

Trustees delegate responsibility for approval of retirement grants to BLCF


The challenges of low income, widowhood, illness and accident, work-related stress  etc. are often longstanding and we have built up a continuing relationship with many of our beneficiaries.   The trustees all have strong connections to the St. Albans diocese and local area and we want to encourage beneficiaries to maintain a personal connection to the Trusts and trustees.